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[ o5.o8.2oo6 ] - Sloooww progress, but some progress never the less. :) The vision of the game is somewhat complete, we are now quite sure what kind of game its going to be. New features in the gameplay sense are a shop where Game can upgrade his fleet and Player can upgrade his trusty Wulcrum PADC(ProActive Defence Craft (:P)) 'Patsy' Mk3's thrusters and weapons and buy other stuff. There will also be 6(4 are made so far, see the screenshots) quadrants with own features(others favors Player, others Game and other gives both disadvantages). Also check the new screenshots.

[ 15.o2.2oo6 ] - We're not dead! Oh, no, no no! We've just been busy with other things. BUT, progress has been made and it looks like we might even have something to publish in the future. :)

[ o2.o8.2oo5 ] - 4 new in-game screenshots added, these are from the development version so there will be some improvements.

[ 17.o7.2oo5 ] - Site online. Game vs. Player project page can be found at

[ 14.o7.2oo5 ] - The site layout is fairly ready and more content is being added as time goes on. Site is not online yet.
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